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12x Medium African Tumble Stones - Picture Nguni

Product code: ATumbleM-21

Gemstones are a part of many ancient cultures, often considered to be a talisman or symbol of good luck or fortune. For thousands of years they have been made into rings, bracelets, amulets, brooches & pendants to capture their magic.

Ancient Wisdom Powers of Jasper Nguni: Protection & Discernment

Jasper Nguni is said to be a powerful protection stone, providing a shield against negative energy and psychic attacks. It is said to be a good stone for helping to bring about physical healing, and for promoting spiritual growth and understanding.

A popular theory is that gemstones contain vibrational energy. By placing gemstones within a person's aura, it is possible to change the vibrations of that aura. 

Wholesale Tumble Stones - Jasper Nguni M are beautiful natural materials that have been given a pleasing shape and a bright polish. Attractive, interesting and fun to collect, they certainly sell well! 

These Tumble Gemstones are packed in bags of 12 and are approximately 25mm - 45 mm per stone. This is the most popular collectable size. 

A good display in a gift shop or craft shop will always generate sales.

Origin South Africa
Net weight 0,013Kg /tumble stones
Shipping weight 0,15Kg
Materials / Ingredients Gemstone
Barcode 5056368323454
Materials / Ingredients