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Fashion Bags and Accessories, Wholesale Jute Bags and Wholesale Cotton Bags Supplier

Welcome to our Fashion Bags and Accessories Department! We import and carry a large stock of Wholesale Jute Bags and Wholesale Cotton Bags ideal for retailing. Many designs are perfect for screen printing for promotional use, and our bulk prices are the best in Europe.  More importantly you can save the earth buy selling Jute bags because:

Jute is 100% bio-degradable. Jute is a fast growing crop with a much higher carbon dioxide assimilation rate than trees. Jute production creates much needed employment in poorer regions of the world. Jute bags are strong, trendy and reusable. We also have very good relations with several Jute & Cotton producers in the Calcutta area of India and visit regularly ensuring that we are Trading Fairly with companies that treat their workers and subcontractors well.

Eco-Bags sell.. A good display can generate super sales.