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Wholesale Soaps and Bath Bombs

Europe's most popular Bathroom Gifts and Wholesale soaps and bath.bomb supplier.

Our range includes our own manufactured soap loaves and bath-bombs along with imported gifts such as our famous Flower Soaps and Bouquets range.
Here we are so passionate about soaps for gift shops and specialist bathroom retailers that our soaps and bath-bombs are now sold all over the world.
We have been producing wholesale soaps and bath-bombs for over ten years at AWGifts - so you can be assured of quality and value. It’s a fact... You can really  clean up with our fast selling lines.

Aromatherapy Bath Salts and Oils Made with blend of Pure Essential Oils in sea or Himalayan salt

Compliment your Bathroom Gifts with Aromatherapy

Our extensive wholesale ranges includes Essential Oils, Massage Oils, Base Oils, Bath Potions, Aromatherapy Soaps, Wheat Bags, Lotion and Potion and Very popular Ear Candles and of course the essential Aromatherapy.

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So if you are looking for unique Bathroom Gifts and accessories than you've come to the right place. Create a clean and relaxing bathroom vibes and have your storses smell amazingly good to attract your customers. Add a few Pampering products to your range of products to make sure you always have the perfect gifts for any occasions your customers might be shopping for.