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10 cents special

10 Cent Special

The coin dates from 1999, when euro coins and banknotes were introduced in the 12-member euro-zone and its related territories.  Back in the days current 10 cents had much higher value in other currencies and could get you almost all the sweets in the shop, (including those glass cola bottles) and still have change. Now sadly ten cents will buy you... erm... well actually we can't think of anything... 
Wait, at AWGifts we can sometimes do the impossible. See below for our latest 10c Special.  Happy shopping :)

Often sold below cost price, so sadly we have to have this conditions to the offer:

1) Only 2 packs per order  _____________________________________________________________________________________

Wedding Favours or Baby Shower Baskets, high-quality jute style baskets made out of paper string with voil bags and lovely flowers are just the right thing for Weddings or other special events such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Baby showers...

These Wedding favours are a lovely way to decorate the reception tables and delight guests with a thoughtful gesture. Available in a variety of colours and designs they hold just enough to create a nice atmosphere and give your guests a warm welcome. 

Sizes are approximately 4 to 9 cm and come in pack of 12.