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Single Waterless Oil Nebulizer - USB A to C - Yellow

Product code: AATOM-38

Rechargable Waterless Oil Nebulizer - easy to operate, sutaible for 10ml or 20ml bottles. 

How to charge:

Use output voltage DC5V, computer USB interface, USB interface adapter or car charger with USB interface. The red light flashes when charging; when fully charged, the indicator is always green.

In the power-on state, if the remaining batttery power is lower than 20% the light will flash quickly in any mode, prompting need to charge. 

It takes 2 - 3 hours to fully charge the diffuser.  

How to use: 

Push the nozzle out from the bottom of the diffuser gently.

Insert any essential oil to the bottle, and then install the bottle back to the nozzle. Attention to the mark of the position direction on diffuser. 

Smart mode: Short press the top button to turn on, the left light is on white which means that the machine enters the smart mode and starts/stops. 

Manual mode: Short press to turn on, the middle light is on white which means that is in light aroma mode, press again, the right light is on changing to strong aroma mode.

Recommended to use only with essential oils.

Dimensions: 105mmx 65mm

Origin China
Net weight /Piece
Shipping weight 0,466Kg
Dimensions 10,5x6,5 (cm)
Materials / Ingredients Plastic
Barcode 5056368347344
Materials / Ingredients