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Top 12 Aromatherapy Box (Box of 12 Oils)

Product code: ABoxEO-02

Maximise your sales by adding one of our amazing Starter Packs to your shop.

Packed with top selling Essential Oils (12x 10 ml bottles) you get the Display Mango Aromatherapy Box for FREE!

We believe our Wholesale Essential Oils offer the best quality and value on the market. Offer Your customers the best aromatherapy selection of Essential Oils.
This special pack contains:

10 ml Lavender Essential Oil
10 ml Tea Tree Essential Oil
10 ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil
10 ml Peppermint Essential Oil
10 ml Rosemary Essential Oil
10 ml Ylang Ylang I Essential Oil

10 ml Clary Sage Essential Oil
10 ml Geranium (Egypt) Essential Oil
10 ml Patchouli Essential Oil
10 ml Jasmine Dilute Essential Oil
10 ml Lemon Essential Oil
10 ml Orange Essential Oil

Wholesale Aromatherapy Box - AW (holds 12 bottles) is made from Mango wood and it is embellished with hand carved designs. This pretty box will look beautiful in the bedroom or dressing room... or any room really.
Designed to hold 10 ml bottles, so our Essential Oils will fit perfectly.  

Create an amazing eye-catching display in your shop. Order now.