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Display Set of 70 Incense Smudge Bricks and Burner - 7 Earthy Himalaya Incenso

Product code: AISB-08

This captivating Display set is carefully curated to entice your customers. With 7 fragrances in each set, you'll find 10 bricks of each fragrance, totaling an impressive 70 resin bricks. A single terracotta holder is included, making it a complete package for anyone seeking variety.

These aromatic treasures not only smell amazing but also add a touch of elegance and diversity to your offerings. Choose our Natural Incense Resin Bricks Sets and let them become a delightful addition to your range, captivating your customers and creating lasting memories.  

Origin India
Net weight 0.18Kg /pack
Shipping weight 0.18Kg
Dimensions 15x2x16.5 (cm), 0.495L, 0.364Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients incense
Materials / Ingredients