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Herb Garden Candles - Rosemary

Product code: ACHC-01

Made with Pure Rosemary Essential Oil.

We are proud to introduce a new range of Wholesale Soybean Wax Candles which are made from hydrogenated soybean oil and free of synthetic wax or paraffin.

These Aromatherapy Soy Candles are presented in amazing colourful pot that can be reused for flowers once your candle has burned out. They come with a metal stand and are packed in a beautiful gift box.

Wooden wick makes that cosy crackling sound you will fall in love with.

Upgrade your customer's candle life. Soy wax is a perfect eco-friendly alternative. It is so much cleaner and more natural than paraffin candles. A little more expensive but worth it. Aromatherapy Soy Candles burn much nicer and leave a minimal wax residue.

Designed to make a splendid and caring gift. If you sell candles you should absolutely consider stocking them.

There comes a 10 % DISCOUNT on all of these candles due to the slightly cracked wax. It can be fixed easily by heating up the top wax with the heat gun.

H: 9 cm
Diameter: 9 cm
On the stand H: 10 cm

Origin China
Net weight /Candle
Shipping weight 0,555Kg
Materials / Ingredients Ceramic, Soywax
UFI 6F61-P0US-000N-79VV
Barcode 5056368302510
Materials / Ingredients