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Wholesale Jute Storage Boxes

Jolly useful jute storage boxes. For those of us who live in a small flat these are perfect functional homeware.
You can make a great display to show how your customers can get organised - with a box for clothes, one for toys, a shoe box store and smaller box for bits and bobs. You can even sell them as a set.

The great thing is they are window fronted with PVC - so your customers  can see at a glance what is in the box  
This range of eco friendly storage boxes are also stackable or can be placed on top of bedroom wardrobe, under the bed or any place suitable.
Natural jute naturally tones with any decor - a perfect fit for every home.If you sell Homeware benefit from the good margins on this trendy storage solution.  

Large Box for Toys etc 25x25x25cm
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